Your success is guaranteed when you work with the most experienced coaches

From beginners to elite athletes, our coaches transform your body + mind.


Why Our Coaches Are the Best

It's not just that we have over 40 years of full time coaching experience.

Effective Workouts Everyday

Globo-gyms (think White Goodman in Dodgeball) collect your dues + then leave you alone to navigate the sea of equipment. But at Red Dog we guide you through a different workout each day, so you NEVER plateau. 

Workouts Tailored to You

If you really want to see a drastic improvement in your health + fitness you need coaches who are going to show you how to perform the exercises based on YOUR unique skill level, no matter where you are starting from.

You Are Our Family

Some people say CrossFit is like a cult...but that's only because we are super passionate about what we do. We become your tribe, holding you accountable + cheering you on. Expect a call from us if you don't show up.

Check Out One of Our Classes For FREE

Think of it like a first date, but with a lot more sweating + grunting. We'll get to know you, and you'll get to know us. If there's sparks then you get to decide if you're ready for more.

Meet Our Coaches

Simply the best + most experienced in the Wake Forest, NC area


Not only does Tony have 17+ years as a full-time Fitness Coach/Trainer, he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. After kicking cancer's butt, he knew he wanted to devote his life to helping people be fit, happy + healthy. If you want to get on Tony's good side ask him about his family. He's a devoted family man with a 9 year old son. And in case you're the kind who's turned on by titles, achievements and qualifications...Tony's got a gazillion of those too.

Tony Bevilacqua - AboutRed Dog CrossFit


We're quite sure that Tanya NEVER has a bad day. She's ridiculously kind + positive, always inspiring Red Doggers to reach their personal best. You'd never guess she has over 20 years experience (she looks so young! - it must be the CrossFit). You'll feel like Tanya is an old friend. Plus...shhhh....she can be bribed with sushi.

Tanya Midyette Red Dog CrossFit


Clay has been perfecting his craft since 2010, and he's sharing all that experience with our Cross Fitters in the 101 program. But don't worry...Clay doesn't curse like a sailor. Instead he'll charm you with his almost magical ability to explain complex movements so that you can execute them successfully. But don't you dare scuff up his shoes. He's got more pairs of shoes than Nike + they all need to be perfectly clean. 

Clay Seal Red Dog CrossFit Coaches


Forrest is the newest member of the Red Dog Coaching staff, joining us in 2016. A decathlete in college + hockey player growing up. Wrapping up his degree in nursing, he's bringing his passion for helping others to the gym. When Forrest isn't in the gym he's road-tripping to Nashville (even if it's just for the day). He loves it there!

Forrest Lasher Red Dog CrossFit Coaches

Meet Tons of New Friends

Join our community of like-minded individuals + make friends for life.

It's hard to make new friends as you get older, but NOT when you hang out at Red Dog CrossFit. Some gyms are full of snobs or elitists, but we don't tolerate negativity at Red Dog. Caring, supportive, helpful, fun, energetic, health minded, driven and positive are only a few of the words I can put down that explains how amazing this community truly is.

Try a Class On Us Today

If you like a good challenge, love to learn new things, aren't afraid to break a sweat, then we'd probably be good together. And don't don't have to be "in shape" before you try us out. That's what we're hear for!

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