The "No-Diet" Diet - Let your food nourish, heal + strengthen your body

We take the guesswork out of nutrition. No more wondering...what to eat, when to eat it or how much to eat. 


Stop Fighting With Your Food

Does the food you eat energize you OR drain you?


10. You're asleep on the couch by 8pm with an epic food coma

9. Your boss caught you napping at your desk after a heavy lunch (or just a regular lunch)

8. Your cravings for sugar, chips, chocolate, or cookies leave you so weak in the knees you'll even make a special Target run to end the agony

7. You wake up every night around 2-3am for no apparent reason ( really has to do with your liver feeling like you just downed a bottle of wine)

6. You're bloated stomach lands you a few "Congratulations on your pregnancy" comments

5. Your stomach cramps are so bad  you feel like an alien might pop out and you'll re-enact the classic Sigourney Weaver scene

4. You down as many Tums as a truck driver in a bad indigestion commercial

3. You're so hungry in the morning you could scarf down a breakfast fit for Arnold Schwarzenegger

2. When you're "hangry" you turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator

1. When you leave the bathroom everyone knows it's time to light a candle (#sadbuttrue)

Red Dog CrossFit Nutrition Food Coma
Nutrition Red Dog CrossFit
Red Dog CrossFit Nutrition

This is our chance to learn more about your unique needs + see if we can help you. Don't worry...this isn't a high pressured sales pitch.

Red Dog CrossFit Nutrition

Get the Magic "Food" Decoder Ring +
See Results in 30 Days

Our Nutritional Jumpstart is a proven approach to losing weight + keeping it off.

No Complicated Meal Plans

If it's too complicated we know it's almost impossible to follow through so we simplify meal planning. During our Jumpstart program we work with your natural food preferences to create delicious + satisfying meals (that help you lose the weight).

Red Dog CrossFit Nutrition

No Points to Track

You don't need to be a mathematician to get results in our Jumpstart program. We teach you how to choose nutritionally dense foods that crush cravings + leave you feel energized. These easy-to-prepare foods free you up to focus!

Customized Solutions

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to nutrition. Your nutritional plan will be based on YOUR goals, body type, activity levels + more. Plus we are the only gym specializing in nutrition for CrossFit athletes.


We help you stay on the bandwagon with our weekly check-ins. Because somehow it's easier to stay motivated when you know someone's going to be asking you how it's going.

Confirmed Results

You'll know the program's working when your jeans fit a little better, and your stomach's a little flatter. But we'll celebrate your success when we compare your measurements from Day 1 to Day 30. 

Lifetime Education

We don't just give you the fish...we teach you how to fish. You'll learn from our decades of experience so you don't have to become an expert on nutrition. You'll learn what works for you!

Get Your Free Nutrition Consult

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β€œThought I'd share my morning of extremes with you. Very short background, when I was pregnant with Jackson 4 years ago I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Today, saw the doctor and she was positively baffled that I passed the glucose screening with ridiculously good numbers. She sat with her mouth totally open asking me to explain myself.”

Kelly Carder

Red Dogger + Mama Extraordinaire

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