Finally achieve ALL your fitness goals when you have a Personal Trainer

Everyone is different. Your Personal Trainer creates a plan for your UNIQUE body, experience and goals so you get the body you've always wanted.


Elevate + Accelerate Your Success With Personal Training

We've got 15 benefits you can ONLY get with a personal trainer.

  1. ​Educate + inform you about proper form + the latest trends
  2. ​Motivate you to keep going even when you're tired
  3. Push you to achieve more than you thought possible
  4. ​Hold you accountable to show up consistently
  5. Build your confidence both in the gym + outside the gym
  6. Help you avoid injury + coach you through specific medical conditions
  7. Ensure you aren't wasting your time with the wrong exercises
  8. Help you train for a specific sport or event
  9. ​Ensure you don't plateau + keep getting amazing results
  10. They are  unofficial therapists + ​great listeners
  11. Help you set + achieve realistic goals
  12. Help you form good habits
  13. Give you a personalized training plan
  14. Work around your schedule
  15. Ensure you're meeting your goals

What's included in the Free Consult?

The Free consultation is a time for us to get to know you and to discover the “why” behind your interest in our services. The more information we know, the easier it is for us to make recommendations and help you get started on your journey. The consultation is also a time for you to come to the gym and meet us. We will show you around, answer questions and help you decide if we are a good fit.

Why should I consider Personal Training?

Personal training has long been the go to model for the most successful people in the world and for good reason. Personal Training offers you a highly personalized experience based specifically on your goals. Through participation in our Personal Training program the focus is on you and your success while offering a different level of comfort and privacy seen in a class setting. If you are someone who appreciates individualized, effective, and amazing service, Personal Training is for you.

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