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 “The best gym I have ever been to. The coaches are committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals and the facility is perfect.”


 “Best coaches around! I've exceeded my previous fitness goals since starting here over two years ago and have enjoyed Red Dog's unique AMAZING COMMUNITY...Really encouraging and supportive of all their athelets.”


“Top notch coaching and awesome community."


"RDCF is an amazing box.  Friendly members, great facility, and passionate coaches. The community is fantastic as well...people come together to support each other and that comes through in the progress you see. Highly recommend coming in as we always welcome more people to the family!"


"Excellent Coaches who inspire, challenge and won't let you give up.  Always feel welcome at this box.  Super friendly and fun."


  • "Best Gym, Coach, and community you will ever find."


“Top notch coaching and awesome community!"


"Best Gym, Coach, and community you will ever find."


"Excellent coaching! Red Dog focuses on form and safety while pushing you to do your best! Best box I've been to by far!"


“Beautiful, fully stocked facility. They mean business here! Friendly people and terrific coaches. I can't wait to come back and WOD!"


“AWESOMENESS!!!! :) Coach Tony ROCKS it!!!!! Beautiful place! ROGUE is the bestest mascot EVAAAAAAAAAA!!!"


“I'm still new to crossfit and just did my first WOD. Red Dog has been so awesome and it keeps me coming back. From welcoming and encouraging people, to great instructors that really care about what and how you are doing it. Highly recommended."


“I love the community I've gotten by coming here within the past few months. As a bonus, my strength has significantly increased."


“Challenging and effective programming, dedicated and sincere coaches, genuine camaraderie and support from fellow members. Everyday is a good day at Red Dog CrossFit."


“Red Dog CrossFit has created a great environment to not only become functionally fit, better at weightlifting, and stronger but has created a community that supports and helps each other grow.."


“I have been to several boxes and I have to say Red Dog has great coaches, a great community, and an awesome facility! This is a great box whether you are new to CrossFit or have been doing it for years. You will be welcomed here with open arms!."


“I want to take a moment and praise Coach Tony. I love the way he interacts with the athletes at competitions. He is focused yet relaxed and it is awesome to watch. He brings out the best in my daughter and I look forward to her continued success under the guidance of all the Red Dog Crossfit coaches. Highly recommend."


"Amazing community! Awesome coaches! Love this place!"


“Red Dog Crossfit is an awesome place to workout! Great coaches, great group of people and a top notch facility! Invest in yourself and join Red Dog Crossfit!!"


"Awesome coaches and amazing group of people. If you ever wanted to try CrossFit this is the place to go!"


“I’ve been with this gym a little over 6 months and have been with 2 other amazing gyms over the last years. And I am happy to say this gym is top notch."


“Red Dog CrossFit is one of the most happiest CrossFit gyms in the Triangle area. It is the home of the best coaches with true experience and kindness. A happy place for every level of athlete from beginner to elite! A place where I have learned so much and have become stronger than ever before. Stepping into this gym I promise you will become the happiest time of your day."


“Best gym and community you'll ever find."


“I'm still new to CrossFit and just did my first WOD. Red Dog has been so awesome and it keeps me coming back. From welcoming and encouraging people, to great instructors that really care about what and how you are doing it. Highly recommended."


“Awesome coaching staff!! Red Dog CrossFit has the most amazing community and everyone is so supportive of each other. I love this place!!!"


“I just did a drop in and WOW! Awesome Box! Thanks!."


“I am new to the area, so I was going to test out a bunch of boxes in the neighborhood. I was so impressed with the gym and coaching I was sold after my first WOD. No need to visit any other boxes. Love it."


“I was pretty intimidated to walk into a CrossFit box to try and start working out. I have to say the staff and the clients here are awesome. Tony is simply great and very focused on a doing what is right to help anyone."


"Not a lot to say, just that I love it."


"Nice facility. Super friendly coaches. Great workout."


Thought I'd share my morning of extremes. When I was pregnant 4 years ago I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Today, saw the doctor and she was positivity baffled that I passed the glucose screening with ridiculously good numbers. She sat with her mouth totally open and said, "I really need you to explain this to me, 98% of those who have it in their first pregnancy have it for the next as well, I really need you to explain this to me. I just can't understand how you did that"

I contemplated telling her it must be the extra vodka I have been drinking for breakfast, but I figured even joking about that might be frowned upon haha. So I simply said, Crossfit.

The doctor replied "Well that's awesome, you keep that up, our CrossFit moms are some of the best recoverers we see and you feel free to go as long as you feel you can."  She continued to shake her head and remark about how cool it was that CrossFit is keeping the diabetes away as she walked out the door.

An hour later checking out at Publix, an incredibly kind and thoughtful 75+ year old man in orthotic shoes and compression stockings insisted he help me put my groceries on the conveyor belt because "someone in your state shouldn't be bending or lifting like that"

Nevermind the 80lb clean and jerks from yesterday's WOD, that carton of milk is going to tip me over. Chivalry may not be dead, but I could have put my cart on the conveyor in a third of the time.

Thanks again to you both (and clay) for your continued support, you guys are the best!


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